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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:  When will the East Side season start?

A1: Baseball and softball seasons start the first week of May. 

Q2: When will schedules be finalized?

A2: Schedules are finalized and shared with teams/parents in April, usually about two weeks before the season starts.

Q3: When are games played?

A3: All baseball divisions can expect to play games on Saturday mornings or afternoons. There will also be 1-2 games per week on a weeknight. All softball divisions except for Majors can expect to play on Saturday mornings or afternoons. All softball divisions can expect 1-2 games per week on a weeknight.

Q4: When are practices?

A4: Once teams are formed, practice days and times are assigned. Team managers will then communicate that schedule to the parents of the players on the team.

Q5: Why can't you tell me more specifics about game or practice days and times sooner?

A5: We have over 500 players register acorss all divisions each year. We try to be flexible with regard to the number of teams we have at each level depending on the number of registrations. Therefore, we cannot create final schedules for games or practices until we close registration and have a sense of how many teams. 

Q6: Why does East Side have evaluations for players?  Do you "cut" players?

A6: We never cut players and welcome players of ALL skill levels. In mid-March every year, we conduct player evaluations in baseball and softball for players aged 9-12. This is in order to assess the skills of the players and therefore try to distribute the players evenly across teams in the league and strive for a competitively balanced season. We simply have each player make a few throws, field some ground balls, and take a few swings as live or machine pitching. We know many players are knocking off the rust from a long winter so we don't expect them to be perfect during these evaluations. This isn't always a perfect analysis, but it does help.

Q7: Can I request that my son or daughter be on a team with a friend or with a certain coach?

A7: We welcome any requests for being put on a team with a friend or coach. You can list these requests when completing your registration. And we will TRY to accommodate these requests in our Rookie Ball and A Ball (machine pitch) divisions in baseball and 8U (machine pitch) in softball. However, there is no guarantee that we will accommodate your request.

Q8: I don't understand which division my son or daughter should be registered for.  Is it based on ages or skill level?

A8:We try to place each player in the division that will allow him or her to continue to develop their skills and have fun.  You can read more about each division here.

Q9: How does the Majors baseball draft work?

Q9: Each year, any player that was on a Majors baseball roster the year before, is automatically back in the Majors division again, for the same team he was on the year before. During evaluations, the Majors coaches evaluate players to assess who is ready to play in the Majors division, our division with the highest level of baseball skills. These players (mostly 10, 11, and 12 year olds) are "drafted" to a Majors team. Approximately 24 players will be drafted to a team and practice together for about two weeks. At the end of those two weeks, 12 players are assigned to the Majors team and 12 players are assigned to the AAA team.